8 days ago Jan HasebosDisplay multi-line search box on thin screens master
8 days ago Jan HasebosAdd support for sets
2020-11-06 Jan HasebosFix Firefox 4 compatibility
2020-11-06 Jan HasebosIdentify client as required by API docs
2020-11-04 Jan HasebosUpdate description copy
2020-10-23 Jan HasebosAlso scroll up when flipping page
2020-10-23 Jan HasebosClarify preference name
2020-10-20 Jan HasebosSet post link earlier
2020-10-13 Jan HasebosAdd navigation buttons to description view
2020-10-12 Jan Hasebos"full screen" is two words
2020-10-12 Jan HasebosAdd description viewing.
2020-10-12 Jan HasebosConsistify branding
2020-10-09 Jan HasebosAdd OpenSearch descriptions
2020-09-18 Jan HasebosIE9 compatibility fixes
2020-09-17 Jan HasebosCleanup
2020-09-17 Jan HasebosDon't automatically mark as read
2020-08-24 Jan HasebosAdd fullscreen button
2020-06-11 Jan HasebosFirefox is threatening to reject my cookies if I don...
2020-06-11 Jan HasebosShow an icon if pool is active
2020-05-01 Jan HasebosAlign settings, valid HTML
2020-05-01 Jan HasebosCode style change
2020-05-01 Jan HasebosSearch by tag
2020-03-27 Jan HasebosSupport new API v1.2
2020-01-21 Jan HasebosSupport dark color scheme
2020-01-17 Jan HasebosCollapse table borders
2019-12-12 Jan HasebosAdd maskable icon
2019-12-11 Jan HasebosVisually distinguish new and updated pools
2019-11-26 Jan HasebosReplace underscores in post names
2019-11-11 Jan HasebosAdd bgcolor preference
2019-11-08 Jan HasebosStyle new post indicators
2019-11-07 Jan HasebosAdd new post indicators
2019-10-27 Jan HasebosUse canonical URLs
2019-09-02 Jan HasebosSwitch license
2019-08-05 Jan HasebosConfused textContent and nodeValue
2019-08-05 Jan HasebosAdd jumping to specific pages
2019-08-05 Jan HasebosReformat
2019-07-17 Jan HasebosShow a thumbnail instead of a black screen on webms...
2019-06-23 Jan Hasebosshow current post in menu v1.1
2019-06-23 Jan HasebosAllow user to select fidelity of image
2019-05-25 Jan HasebosAdd web app manifest
2019-05-25 Jan HasebosCompatibility fixes
2019-03-15 Jan HasebosSmall bug fixes
2019-01-19 Jan HasebosTurns out I never hooked up the pool link
2019-01-13 Jan HasebosUpdate license
2019-01-13 Jan HasebosRefactor and comments
2019-01-13 Jan HasebosMake quotes consistent
2019-01-13 Jan HasebosAdd menu
2019-01-12 Jan Haseboshaha im an idiot
2019-01-11 Jan HasebosAdd menu
2018-12-24 Jan HasebosIncrease compatibility
2018-12-12 Jan HasebosFix bug, for real this time
2018-11-04 Jan HasebosFix back bug
2018-06-24 Jan HasebosFix pagination after returning from pool
2018-06-24 Jan HasebosAdd preloading
2018-06-24 Jan HasebosSuppress caching
2018-06-24 Jan HasebosAdd titling
2018-06-09 Jan HasebosAdd router
2018-05-27 Jan HasebosFix bugs
2018-01-19 Jan HasebosCreate LICENSE
2017-12-19 Jan HasebosAdd web app meta tags
2017-12-19 Jan HasebosFix search.
2017-11-19 Jan HasebosKeyboard navigation v1.0
2017-11-19 Jan HasebosMake the input functional
2017-11-19 Jan HasebosStop user from going out of bounds
2017-11-19 Jan HasebosResponsive table
2017-11-17 Jan HasebosForgot some semicolons
2017-11-16 Jan HasebosAdd meta tag for mobile
2017-11-16 jtvjanFix IE9
2017-11-15 jtvjanInitial commit
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