descriptione621 pool viewer
ownerJan Hasebos
last changeSun, 15 Nov 2020 14:26:32 +0000 (15:26 +0100)
8 days ago Jan HasebosDisplay multi-line search box on thin screens master
8 days ago Jan HasebosAdd support for sets
2020-11-06 Jan HasebosFix Firefox 4 compatibility
2020-11-06 Jan HasebosIdentify client as required by API docs
2020-11-04 Jan HasebosUpdate description copy
2020-10-23 Jan HasebosAlso scroll up when flipping page
2020-10-23 Jan HasebosClarify preference name
2020-10-20 Jan HasebosSet post link earlier
2020-10-13 Jan HasebosAdd navigation buttons to description view
2020-10-12 Jan Hasebos"full screen" is two words
2020-10-12 Jan HasebosAdd description viewing.
2020-10-12 Jan HasebosConsistify branding
2020-10-09 Jan HasebosAdd OpenSearch descriptions
2020-09-18 Jan HasebosIE9 compatibility fixes
2020-09-17 Jan HasebosCleanup
2020-09-17 Jan HasebosDon't automatically mark as read
7 months ago v1.2 New API support, pool unread indicators
17 months ago v1.1 Hash based navigation and a menu
3 years ago v1.0
8 days ago master
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