The wAIfupocalypse is upon us

Let's save your stories

Recently, Latitude has announced changes that will end AI cooms as we know them today. Going beyond just the explore page, employees may now ban you for content in your unpublished stories. For this reason, I have programmed a script that can automatically download all of the stories and scenarios in your account. Here are the instructions:

  1. Before you can use the script, you must download and install the Python 3 runtime.
  2. The script needs your access token so it can access your private stories. The token will only be used for that purpose, and it will not be stored. See how to access it in [watch] Firefox or [watch] Chrome.
  3. Download the script [download] here. Move it to where you want your stories placed and run it. (usually by double-clicking, or typing python3
  4. Enter your login token and press enter. While you wait, think back to the good times you had with your fictional friends.
  5. When the download is complete, a file called stories.json will be created containing all your stories.

I have also created a script that will turn that JSON file into HTML files so it's easier to read. Download it [download] here and run it in the same folder as the JSON file. You might also want to get this [download] stylesheet (put in same folder as html files) to make things look a little nicer.

If you are having trouble using the scripts or are getting error messages*, please leave a message in the guestbook.

* If you run the script normally, the error messages may go by too fast for you to read them. See how to run the script via the command line in [watch] Windows or [watch] Mac OS Ⅹ.

For mobile users

You can run these scripts using Termux (Android) or Pythonista (iOS). Since it's difficult to access your login token on a mobile browser, here is a script to help you with that: [download] (1.1 KiB)