Load an ogg file. You can make one with the Ogg converter at the top right of the screen.


How To

Beat Wrangler is a charting tool for the game Beat Banger. It lets you edit existing mods, or make new ones. To get a feel for how a chart's put together, try loading one of the built-in levels. Click Browse or Choose File in the Load form above, navigate to your Beat Banger folder, and select the chart.cfg of one of the levels in the data/ folder. Then, select the Ogg file in the songs/ folder using the other browse button, and click Load. Now, a description of each tab:


Here, you can fill in some basic details of your chart. You can use the Tap button to determine the tempo of your song, but you can also type it in if you already know it.
The note offset ensures the notes are synchronised to the song's beats. Increase it to make all notes come earlier, decrease it to delay them. Usually, this is set to somewhere around 0.03 seconds.
After filling both in, click Start mapping to create empty notes in the Beats screen. If you want to change the tempo, just go back to this screen and click Change tempo. Don't worry, you won't lose what you've already mapped.

If the music is drowning out the sound effects or vice versa, you can boost or lower their volume using the gain inputs.


This is where the magic mapping happens. Each box represents half a beat in the song. While the song's playing, the current beat will be bordered in red. Use Z to start half notes, X to start quarter notes, or C to start eighth notes. Notes will repeat until you change note types or end them with V. Half notes go on 𝅗𝅥 , quarter notes go on 𝅗𝅥  and 𝅘𝅥 , and eighth notes can go on every beat. Click the number of a beat to seek to it. Check the Event box to add a beat to the visuals tab.

I recommend resizing your browser window so that eight blocks (four beats) fit on one row. This makes it so that one line represents one measure.

You can use these keyboard shortcuts when mapping:

ZPlace half note
XPlace quarter note
CPlace eighth note
VPlace stop note
BRub out
JSeek one measure back
LSeek one measure forwards
Move cursor one backwards
Move cursor one forwards
DCut current measure
YCopy current measure
PPaste current measure

If the beat can't be placed at the current cursor position, it will use the next possible spot. For example, if you are on beat 4½ and put a half note, it will be placed on beat 6 instead.

To be consistent with how beats are counted in a 44 time signature, beat counts are halved compared to how they are stored internally. For example, beat 50½ is stored as #101 in the file.


You can fill in the file names of the animations and sound effects here. All the animations are 3×2 sprite sheets, except the final animation's Effect, which is 6×4. Make them using the Sprite sheet maker at the top right of the screen.

The backgrounds can be tiled, or exactly sized 600×800.

File Structure

After you're done, your mod's directory should look something like this:

├── chart.cfg (Finish, Download)
├── thumb.png
├── meta.cfg
├── anims
│   ├── loopN.png (Visuals, Animation)
│   └── fx
│       ├── rip.png (Visuals, Effect)
│       └── cumfx.png (Visuals, Effect)
├── sfx
│   ├── game_over.ogg (Audio, Game Over Sound)
│   ├── break.ogg (Visuals, Transition Sound)
│   ├── climax.ogg (Visuals, Climax Sound)
│   └── slap.ogg (Visuals, Sound Effect)
├── voice
│   └── bank_name (Visuals, Voice Bank)
│       └── sfx (N).ogg
├── songs
│   └── your_song.ogg (Audio, Song)
└── textures
    └── patternN.png (Visuals, Background)

Questions, Complaints

If you have any questions or are experiencing issues when using the tool, feel free to leave a message in the guestbook.

Protip: ctrl+s this page, so you can still use it if my internet goes down

Tap along to the beat.



In seconds. Higher is earlier, first two beats are not affected

* you may lose notes if you lowered the BPM
Warning: The canvas is very large. You may have to zoom out if the waveform does not display.

Shown on results screen

Ogg Vorbis contained in songs/ directory

Ogg Vorbis contained in sfx/ directory

Raise or lower music by dBs

Raise or lower sound effects by dBs

Raise or lower voice bank sounds by dBs

* due to a limitation of the game, if you start the song with a note, you can't change it until the third beat

Click start mapping in the audio view to populate this screen.

Check the "event" box on a beat to add it to this page.

Play animations N times faster

Flash screen on transition

To let the final animation play out

The vertical position of the beat bar, where 0 is the very top of the screen and 800 is the very bottom

Initial Animation

Six frame animation played on each beat, png in anims/

Sound effect played on each beat, ogg in sfx/

Keep playing animation instead of on each beat

Background pattern, png in textures/

Use a small, tiled background that animates

Directory in voice/

Play a sample from the voice bank after this many hit notes.

Final Animation

Six frame animation played on each beat, png in anims/

24 frame animation played once, png in anims/fx/

Keep playing animation instead of on each beat

Background pattern, png in textures/

Use a small, tiled background that animates

Played once on transition, ogg in sfx/

Additional sound to play during ending, ogg in sfx/

Download the cfg file. Put this in your mod's folder. You can also later load it using the "Start" screen.

Convert most popular audio formats to Ogg Vorbis. For this to work, you must access the site through HTTPS, and use a browser that has support for SharedArrayBuffer, such as Firefox or Chrome.


This page uses ffmpeg.wasm v0.10.1, © 2021 Jerome Wu, based on ffmpeg 4.3.1, © 2020 Fabrice Bellard et al.

Select six (or 24 for final fx) frames of 600×800 and merge them into a sprite sheet.

Consider optimizing your PNGs with zopflipng. It can almost halve the distribution size of your mod.

You can create a meta.cfg file to influence the way your mod shows up in the mod list. You can also add a thumb.png to add an icon to your mod. The intended size is 256×256.

Shown in the mod list

Not shown anywhere

Not shown anywhere

Shown below the mod title

Shown below the mod title

Not shown anywhere