Mario Kart DS Emblem Generator

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Drop an image into (or click) the square below to convert it to a Mario Kart DS emblem.



Generates a Lua script that draws the emblem for you. To install Lua, download it from SourceForge, put the DLL file in the same directory as DeSmuME, and rename it to lua51.dll (also, make sure you are using the latest 64-bit version of DeSmuME). Then, go to the emblem drawing screen and run the script by going to Tools > Lua Scripting > New Lua Script Window... > Browse...

Cheat Code

This works on all emulators and is instant, but it doesn't look as cool. Going into the emblem editor and saving commits the emblem to your save file so you don't need the code anymore.

The usrcheat.dat can be used with YSMenu by putting it in the TTMenu folder.

Note: MelonDS currently limits codes to 64 lines. You must split the code into two parts if you would like to use it with MelonDS. Note 2: If you've never set an emblem before, the code will appear to not work. Draw anything, save it, and then open the editor again to fix it.


Generates a movie (input recording) which draws the emblem for you.

Menuing inputs

Minecraft Schematic

Generates a schematic that you can import into your world using a program like MCEdit or a plugin like WorldEdit.


QR Code

Easily share an emblem using a QR code.


The now-defunct Mario Kart DS Decal Maker for the original concept. for their description of the .dsm file format. DF Studios for image processing tips.

Feedback and suggestions in the guestbook are appreciated.