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Happy S1.6G!

Put this in your Library/WindowMaker/autostart: fortune | fold | xmessage -file - &

Hockey. Volleyball. Basketball. Dodgeball. Long ago, the four sports lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when hockey attacked.

Portal funnel is for wusses.

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It seems that my cries have been heard. As of the latest update, it is now 8 clicks.

Degenerate, or, moral minimalist.

General of the order of the WLAN and guardian of the eth0 port, Netmeister.

Minor risk of copyright infringement. Lack of authenticity. A bit sterile?
~ Terence Eden

Transcribed speech is the worst kind of prose to read.

Brinstar, famous for its long vertical shafts.

As of Kuroba 4.13, the workflow for filtering an image is: click ⋮ → select "Filter…" → select "Image hash" → set action to "Remove post" → save → go back. That's way too many (7) clicks. There should just be a checkbox like "Always use this action when filtering posts".

I really hope the circle cropped avatars trend ends soon. It's not like you gain any real estate by doing so. I know you're exited that border-radius works everywhere now, but come on.

You know when you dream that you're in another country but it starts falling apart when you see road signs in your native language?

Mathematics was once prose, and just because it is symbols now it does not mean you can treat it like code.
Daniel Holden

US: aftermath
UK: aftermaths

An animation showing the three kinds of line joins supported in Canvas 2D Context: "bevel", "miter", and "round.

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Don't you know? You're not supposed to charge past 75%.

Liked: How to comment

I'm still not sure how I feel about 4chan Pass. On one hand, it'd be nice to never have to solve a captcha again, but on the other hand, I'd be encouraging them to keep the annoying captchas. For a very short while they used hCaptcha instead of reCaptcha for the reports system, I hope that becomes the default for posting.

Being angry at your ISP: A netizen's favourite pastime.

"Look ma, I'm on Bing™!"A person that could be seen on the Bing "Image of the day" on May 29th 2020.

The USB hub I'm using is extremely finnicky, the slightest bump makes it disconnect. My network adapter is connected to that USB hub. Firefox has a bug that makes it crash when it loses connection to the internet. Guess what happened when I was just about to save a font I drew in BitFontMaker2.

Today, I was looking at my UEFI settings because I had to enable Legacy Support. I noticed that I had "Always spin fan" turned on. It's so weird having my laptop be completely noiseless.

I had 112 days of uptime but I just accidentally hit the power button :'(
I gotta find out how to disable ACPI.

If ² is pronounced "squared" and ³ is pronounced "cubed", then ⁴ should be "tessed".

It's anti-anti-gay day! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

The SNES Classic has its HDMI port upside down, but the USB port right-side up. What's up with that?

btw i use zhugedos.

Microcomputer DESTROYS physical synthesizers with REASON and LOGIC.

You can tell Conservapedia is untrustworthy, because they removed the monochrome book from Monobook. Only villains do that.

And I remember talking about MIDI at a Chinese restaurant with Dave Rossum of E-mu systems, who said "Why not just use Ethernet? It's fast, it exists, and it's only about $10 to implement."

Imagine if that became the standard. We would've had the internet of things but for synths years ago.

In Miraculous, I've noticed about three teapots, but none of them were the Utah Teapot. They must really be playing the long con, huh?

Even a 128gb internal storage can't help this message eventually appearing.A screenshot of a notification saying "Storage space running out" "Some system functions may not work"


GNU Units is amazing. It does conversions between practically anything, including currencies.

You have: 1732kbps * 47 minutes
You want: MiB
* 582.24678 MiB

Startled by a fucking chair.

There are JPEG artifacts in my ACPI BGRT image. Which makes no sense, considering it's a BMP.

Ka-ka-kata kataomoi!

You know when you click on "save" or "download" in an app and it just tells you 'Saved!'. Like, you're really gonna make me search for this file?

Action asterisks are a pithy substitude for /me

Episode V of Star Wars is subtitled "The Empire Strikes Back". Episode 5 of Bianco Hills is called "Petey Piranha Strikes Back".
Coincidence? I mean probably but it would be cool if it wasn't. #supermariosunshine

This quote from Paul Graham perfectly summarises why I prefer platforms with minimal moderation:

"...forbidding bad behavior does tend to keep away bad people, because they feel uncomfortably constrained in a place where they have to behave well."
Other social networks make me feel constrained, because they expect me to act like a decent person.

You know when you're looking at the peer list in your torrent client and they're downloading a show you liked from you and you look at the country flag and you're like "You're gonna be in for a treat, French guy."

If your browser doesn't support MathML it fucking sucks.

I swear why does Desktop Dash keep getting picked it isn't even that good. #ctgp

Gelukkig nieuw jaar!

You have died of dissentery.

My favourite video game genre is Metroidvanvanciana.

Did you know: Without money, the earth wouldn't retain its current shape. This is evidenced by the fact that money makes the world go round.

Brian KernighanBrian Kernighan holds up the book "The C Programming Language" by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie. The subtitle says "Great book, you should buy the newer version of this."

Playing #ctgp and my red shell just drove straight into a pit. Like, it didn't even _try_ to make an effort to pathfind around it.

Yeah I'd rather go with the two thousand chocolate bars.
Neuroscience Says Doing This 1 Thing Makes You Just as Happy as Eating 2,000 Chocolate Bars

For y'all new age retro hippies out there, here's how you get fA = 432 Hz:
sox in.ogg out.ogg pitch -32

When I'm tired I start mixing up youtube-dl and wget.

Bippity bop, welcome to the narcolepsy shop.

%s/go for it/gopher it/g

But seriously, seeing everything glow in the dark looks so pretty, it's a shame you only get to see it before you activate the guidance stone. If you could hide the HUD, it'd be wallpaper material.A screenshot of a scene in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On the left, a blue flame is surrounded by particles. On the other side, there are three pools of Malice. In the center, a faint outline of Link can be seen. A number of hearts indicating health is overlaid in the top left corner.

The Sheikah were so busy putting all sorts of fancy runes in this thing that they forgot that a torch can also be pretty darn useful sometimes. #botw

Unicode should have a neko modifier so you can give any emoji cat ears.

You know when you jump off a building to end a dream and it doesn't work so you have to finish the rest of the dream with a broken neck?

Also scoring an out by slamming the ball into your opponent's face will never not be hilarious.

I wonder how many ping-pong balls are in the Wii Sports Resort pool. #wiisportsresort

I really wish you could add a label to stamps. I keep forgetting why I stamped a place when checking my map. #botw

In Breath of the Wild, your greatest enemy isn't Calamity Ganon. It's rain. Fuck rain. #botw

1. Download Tusky from GitHub:
2. Run the following commands in your terminal: cd /sdcard/Download && sed 's/gab\.com/asdfghj/' tusky.apk > tusky-mod.apk (replace tusky.apk with the name of the apk you downloaded)
3. In Lucky Patcher, go to 'Rebuild & Install', browse to 'sdcard', 'Download', click 'tusky-mod.apk', and select 'Rebuild' then 'Resign with test signature'.
4. Install Tusky.resigned.apk from Download using your file manager.

By default, you cannot sign in to Gab using Tusky. This isn't due to an incompatibility; it is intentionally blacklisted. However, it's easy to patch Tusky to remove this limitation. You'll need a terminal emulator and Lucky Patcher.

Activated all the towers!A screenshot of Breath of the Wild showing a Sheikah Tower being activated

A cool talk about a really cool internet thing!

If a light is on but no-one's around to see it, should I really have been billed for it?

If anything W should be pronounced double-v.

Pet peeve: TM instead of ™

Has anyone else just entirely forgot about Bone-Dry Dunes's existence (in #mk8, not deluxe)? Like, it's almost as if it's blacklisted from showing up in online worldwide lobbies.

this sucksA picture comparing the resolution of the TI-84 Plus CE to the Game Boy. The Game Boy at its original resolution is very small compared to the TI, but scaling it up 2× cuts off a part of the top and bottom.

Reverse array in #es6:

var arr = ['one', 'two', 'three'], revarr = [], i = arr.length;
for (revarr[--i] of arr);
console.log(arr); // > ['three', 'two', 'one']

History is written by those with a pen.

Fall from a tree
You'll break your knee
I'll give you some brie
And we'll both be happy

Zero BadBoxes. That's a new record!

Voring all the bandwidth with Linux ISOs


Empty AM

May 2019

*final chorus key change*

Watch The Super Mario Bros. Super Show it's good.

It has a fat italian plumber and that's really all you need.

Watch Miraculous it's good.

It has a cute catboy and that's really all you need.
The design of the character in the first image in this article is like, very appealing. I like it.

oh no my last two tweet chains are being displayed out of order

i hope this is only on my end

my pathetic attempts at humor cannot be misrepresented in this way

Welcome to the keynote everyone!

trying to convince myself that this too is survivable

Gelato beach more like gelato bitch hahahahaha

Need for Swede

There's always a bigger soap box.

If they introduce Micro USB Type C we're all going to die.


16:30.000 --> 16:34.000
[she screams]
[he chuckles]
[she screams]

[ *** ] A stop job is running for User Manager for UID 1000



Theresa Obake


"why does my avatar keep changing back"An IFTTT recipe titled "Sync Gravatar avatar to Twitter". A large green switch shows that it is turned on.

Qt is pronounced ‘cute’ and I’ve got citations to prove it.[1]

A sticker with a barcode and safety information icons on a metal bench

A dog in backlight sitting on a couch looking upwards out the window.

Thanks is an abbreviation for 'Tom hanks'.

I'm fairly certain Wiis without the Homebrew Channel don't exist.

The Noises That Shaped Us: Coming occasionally to a band camp near you.

I wonder what could have been if Markus and Hayden got along better.

Heavy fluctuations in the value of the kilo today.

Had to be done: via @YouTube

And nothing has changed.

Gelukkig nieuw jaar!

how did i even end up following 1000+ accounts

This is a distressing trend.A spotlight search for "Q". Five apps are displayed, "Quizlet", "Quora", "Quizizz" and "QDB Free". All of them have a stylized Q as their icon.

Remember remember, the 17th of December.

^ᗜ^ 𐏔D

A screenshot of a wiki article. A low-poly rat model is shown in three states: "Walking.", "Eating.", "Dead."

Buzz Wordyear

Tumblr, after collecting 6 infinity stones: *snap*
Half of Tumblr: *dies*

sourceA screenshot of The Wind Waker with messed up colors. Link is completely grey with red eyes. The rest of the world is pink, aside from the water, which is blue.

wait this isnt notepad

Bioluminescent boys and glowy girls.

Moe anthropomorphism is a perfectly valid marketing strategy.

Does ‘neo’ stand for ‘not oreo’?

Do ghosts charge their phones with phantom power?

Not sure if car horn or very loud synthesizer

“What’s a web page? Something ducks walk on?”
— haha verry funny peter

A cat named Wen could be referred to as ‘That Feline Wen’.

Tfw it’s mat_fullbright 1 outside.


JS is a terrible language which is why it’s my favorite.

Japan kinda looks like a semicolon

I am relating to a dishwasher

“Never gonna let you up. Never gonna give you down.”
— Astley Rick

Always keep your interrobangs pinned on top of your clipboard manager. You never know when you might need one.

You ever look at an empty temp directory and wonder… what the heck was supposed to be in there‽

Scratch your itch and live with the consequences.

If you’re wondering if my posts make sense to me… No, no they don’t.

Why is my charger making laser sounds?

The most reliable way to tell if someone’s dead is to check if their Wikipedia article is written in the past tense.

city escape but i selected the wrong soundfont: via @YouTube

var list = document.getElementsByClassName(prompt('Class to open'));
for (var i = 0; i < list.length; i++) {[i].href);

Why does Pikachu pronounce it’s own name as ‘Pikæ’?

Metal Head Waluigi Can’t Move

Hello is this the returns department yes I’d like to trade my sad face for a neutral face thanks

Re: What if King Bob-omb Was Spawned Off The Mountain?: via @YouTube

Today, instead of lunch, I tried setting up network printing/scanning without the admin password. It did not work.

I wish I could spell disambiguation without having to copy it from a Wikipedia redirect page.

The plural of hexagon is hexagi

I have no mouth and i must screamA screenshot of an iPad. The title bar says 'I have no mouth and i must scream'. The rest of the screen is grey, with the text 'I have no mouth and i must scream' in the middle.

The Tumblr app on Android now allows you to view ‘Anonymous’’s blog. I don’t know why you would want to, but you can.A screenshot showing only the status bar and the text "There's nothing here."

Sometimes I look at my thumb to check if my fingerprint is still there.

VLC Intro: via @YouTube

plex intro: via @YouTube

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Longplay (All tracks, all CCs): via @YouTube

:s/lamp/photon generator/

I want to start spinning and never stop so I don’t get dizzy.

Imagine a parallel universe where it’s socially acceptable to always wear pajamas or other comfy clothing.

Go home and enjoy a nice cup of tea

Oh boy I love playing Skyrim: Oblivion.

[360/VR] Minecraft Mario Kart RainbowHighway Gameplay: via @YouTube

A questionably ethical way to generate power in the Pokemon universe would be to connect a bunch of Pikachu to a battery.


It’s like Tumblr, yet exactly the same.

If my life’s a joke then where’s the punchline?

I’m beginning to feel like a Wrap God, Wrap God
– Taco Bell employee

Those clapping emoji texts must be annoying to listen to with a screen reader. “👏who 👏 did 👏 this 👏” -> “clapping hands sign who clapping hands sign did clapping hands sign this clapping hands sign”

I almost ran over a cat on my bike just now.

A pizza place should order a sack of bones, then everytime some stupid kid asks for boneless pizza they say “We’re sorry, we can’t honor that request” and then they put bones on the pizza.

Renai Circulation is apparently in my playlist and I can’t hate myself more for it.

I failed drawing this lenny face and now it looks happyA lenny face, but with two lines for the mouth making it look like he's smiling.

How do you call badly written docs?

Dire Dire Docs

Get your credit card ‘cause I need more money
All I wanna get is your baby
Hoverboarding in the 10’s is the 🔥 way I like to be.
– Maurizio DeJorio

I have no connection but I must meme

2001: Super Mario Odyssey

Dude: What’s the chat format even useful for?
Other dude: I mean I guess you could structure text like this.
Dude: Like what? This reminds me of that time you told me to press A to jump.
*bass riff*

Did something just snap in me and now I’m an edgy Tumblr poster or am I just way too tired.

that last post totally wasn't inspired by this article or something:

The vicious cycle of people being allowed to own guns

People having guns make people want to buy guns to protect themselves against the people that have guns, but then people want guns to protect themselves against the people that have guns to protect themselves against the people that have guns.

Eventually everything is a gun. Well, maybe like, food, but that food is also a gun.

Account migration checklist

☐ Profile pic

☑ Copy over those posts

☑ cname

☑ Delete old one (so i can use that email for this one)

You know maybe I can like delete my main and make this my main. I can post the 3 non-reblogs again on here and then I can like… have a fresh start or something. No reblogs, no following a million accounts. I cname my tumblr anyways so I shouldn’t run into problems with broken links.